DSM Visuals is a space for artists to collaborate and experiment with creative ideas. Our collective consists of unique individuals who implement a multitude of creative tools, mediums and platforms within their work. 

As a team, we hope to provide equal representation for marginalized communities by pushing societal boundaries. In having an unbiased and open minded approach to each project, we aim to provoke alternative discussions.

Influenced heavily by exhibitionist culture, DSM Visuals aims to be expressive in nature rather than exploitative. Ultimately, we would like our work to visually convey the emotional spectrum of the human condition, while creating a diverse community where open dialogue is encouraged and no topic is left unturned.






skills: graphic design/cinematography/photography

Mehran Karimabadi brings a unique perspective to DSM Visuals. Residing in Brooklyn, NY, his eclectic surroundings influence his overall aesthetic. Well-versed in many facets of artistic expression, he can be defined as an all-encompassing visual designer. Karimabadi seeks to capture the raw emotions of individuals who stray from conventional beauty standards and are immersed in/apart of the millenial youth experience.




skills: cinematography/photography/editing

Davyana San Miguel is a director, cinematographer, editor and producer from Maui, HI.  Her work visually encapsulates modern femininity ideals by analyzing societal progressions and digressions in regards to human rights issues.  San Miguel's wide range of inclusive film work evokes a certain time based emotion, one that audience members of all identities are able to  resonate with.